Janelle Plush PT Mattress

SKU: M94234
Brand: Simmons Beauty Sleep
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High Performance Coil System-Our new coil construction provides the same durability that is traditionally associated with the Simmons® BeautySleep® brand.  

Damask Fabric-This soothing fabric is super lightweight yet silky and soft. It adds a comforting touch to your sleeping experience.  

Stretch-Knit Fabric-Our luxurious knit fabric is comfortable and soft to the touch. The circular knit design adds a gentle touch to this resilient fabric, providing a luxurious touch for a more comfortable night's sleep. (Select Models)  

Foam Encased Edge Support System-Helps provide a supportive seating edge and maximizes the mattress's sleeping surface. (Select Models)  

Memory Foam BackGuard® Support-Provides luxurious comfort and extra lumbar support. (Select Models)   Latex-Soft yet supportive to help eliminate pressure points across your entire body. (Select Models)